Manila [muh-nil-uh] it is the home of the most creative denizens of this world.

Atelier (‘ætəljeɪ, French atəlje) – n – an artist’s studio or workshop.

The Manila Atelier is the latest to hit the cyber world of the contemporary Filipino online shopper. It’s the new hub for art material needs. Designed to cater to the artistic necessities of über artists, the site offers a haven for experimental art gurus and parents of children with boundless creative energy, and read this: at a cheaper price!

The people behind this website are the same people who brought the best brands of art materials to the Philippine market today. The Manila Atelier online shopping will bring, right at your doorstep, the legacy of customer satisfaction, best products, low prices and prompt delivery.

The site will throw in some bit of a good art news for you. Get a glimpse of that Filipino artist who rocks the art world, right here, right now. Or would you know how your drawing pencils are made? The Manila Atelier is more than what you can get from your glossy art magazines. You don’t need to get up from your bed. All you will need is your cup of coffee.

And…by the way…we understand the artist’s sentiments…she would want to take a good look at the product, physically, perhaps to touch it, smell it and even give a lingering look in the colors a little bit. That is why we put up the alternative art store for you, for your convenience, right in the heart of the Manila university belt, Recto Avenue.

You’ve got the best of both worlds. Get the word out now.